DJ Thallom (Expo Records)Brazil born. Has been involved with the electronic music scene since 2009. Psychedelic trance and Fullon are the styles to which he plays. At events very prestigious for example "Universo Paralello", Brazils biggest festival. "Ozora 1 Day In London". "Illuminaighty", "Earthdance" & "Return To The Source". ThallOm has been successfully running events in London since 2012:- "Cohesion" London's Only Fullon Monthly Psy -Trance party & "illusiOm". He has shared the stage along side artists including Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Ace Ventura, Skazi, GMS, Sonic Species, Avalon , Tristan & Talamasca. Resident for many events and currently in production mode as "Mentalogic".